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Life is around you and in you

Let the sunshine in

Breath Deep...
Name: Katherine
Hair Colour: Dirty blond
Eye Colour: Hazel
Star Sign: Cancer
Job: Student
Nationality: Canadian from French/Scottish
Favorite Music: Rock/Alternative
Favorite Bands/Singers: Queen, The Beatles, Suzie McNeil, Lady Gaga
Favorite Theatre Actors: Kerry Ellis, Allison Case, Kacie Sheik, Sabrina Aloueche, Rachel Tucker, Amanda Coutts, Louise Bowden, Sutton Foster, Anne Horak, Beth Curry Brittany Gray, Valerie Stanois, Cleopatra Williams, Dianne Pilkington, Annaleigh Ashford, Kendra Kassebaum, Idina Menzel, Yvan Pedneault, Gavin Creel, John Gallagher Jr., Oliver Tompsett, Jon Boydon, Evan Smith, Peter Deiwick, Tony Vincent, Roger Bart, Christopher Fitzgerald
Favorite TV: The Office, Supernatural, Glee
Favorite Films: RENT, The Breakfast Club, Across the Universe
Favorite Musicals: RENT, Wicked, We Will Rock You, Hair
Favorite Place: The theatre
Favorite Flower: Daisy
Favorite Possession: iPod
Favorite Food: Sushi
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RPG Pups:

fandom_smash :

Scaramouche (We Will Rock You)- xxscary_bushxx
Glinda (Wicked)- glinda_arduenna
Ruby (Supernatural)- rubydemon
Jeanie (Hair)- xairhippyx
Emma Frost (X-Men)- xwhitequeenx
Jasper Hale (Twilight Saga)- emotion_effect
Sherrie Christian (Rock of Ages)- smalltown_girlx
Santana Lopez (Glee)- bitchy_cheerio
Hermione Granger (A Very Potter Musical and it's Sequel)- frumpiest_witch
*young* John Winchester (Supernatural)- no_hunt_yet
Starfire (DC Comics)- brilliant_fire
Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)- stick_in_mud

scrantonily :

Pam Beesly- pam_bees

prophets_song :

Scaramouche (We Will Rock You)- xxscary_bushxx

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